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Every year, consumers are victimized by dangerous products, sustaining catastrophic injuries as a result. The number of consumer product recalls has skyrocketed 60% in less than a decade. U.S. companies report more than 400 recalled products annually, the world's second-worst record. And we are the world's largest importer of goods from China, which manufactures more defective products than any other nation.

At our firm, we have the experience and the financial and legal resources to battle the large corporations manufacturing dangerous products, as well as the insurance companies and lawyers who protect them. Abraham & Associates, P.C. has a zealous attitude that consumers have the right to expect a product to be free from dangerous defects. When a company profits from a dangerous product, it can and should be held responsible, both to compensate an injured consumer, and to help ensure corrective action is taken.

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Battling large corporations that manufacture and market dangerous products requires an experienced litigator. Often, companies hide documents and lie about other people who have been killed or maimed by their products. In one case, we caught one of the world's largest wood chipper manufacturers lying about how many people have been hurt or killed using their wood chippers. We were able to force the manufacturer, under the threat of sanctions from the judge, to come clean and reveal that 43 people had been hurt or killed due to defects in the wood chipper as opposed to the original 6 the manufacture said were injured.

The company, which had a successful trial record and never settled once the minimal pre-trial offer was rejected, was forced to offer an extra $1 million over the pre-trial offer once Attorney Abraham revealed the company's lying and deception at trial. After the case settled, the jurors approached the corporate safety manager and scolded him for his actions. When going up against a large corporation that has millions of dollars to spend on lawyers and experts to distort the truth, you need a lawyer with Attorney Abraham's tenacity and experience to fight through the road blocks that these companies set up to avoid accountability.

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Determining Whether or Not a Product Is Defective

A product can be defective for many reasons. There is a code of ethics in engineering that requires engineers to make a product as safe as possible, and this code requires engineers to follow a process called the hierarchy of engineering. The process involves identifying all of the ways that a product can potentially hurt someone (hazards). The engineer is then supposed to try to do his or her best to address each hazard.

The subsequent process to address possible hazards is as follows:

  • Plan A: Design it out and make it so the danger disappears. If you cannot make the hazard disappear, such as lawnmower blades or power saw blades, then you move to Plan B.
  • Plan B: Guard against the hazard. Seat belts are a classic example of guarding against the hazards of a crash. If you cannot fully design or guard against a hazard, you must go to Plan C.
  • Plan C: Warn about the hazard.

All through the design and manufacturing process, significant failures may contribute to a product's hazards, including missteps during the early design stages, inadequate testing to ensure safe performance, ignoring complaints from customers, and marketing efforts that include inadequate instructions and warnings or that fail to include any relevant cautions. Boiling it down these failures, almost all product liability cases involve the company skipping Plan A or B because it is cheaper or easier to do so. Essentially, the company engineers violate their ethics in order to make more money for the manufacturers.

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Designers, manufacturers, and distributors of defective or dangerous products are too eager to place the blame on individual purchasers and users, often claiming "accidents will happen," and that additional safety measures would not have made a difference. There is a natural tendency for jurors to look first to the operator. Attorney Abraham fights this tactic with the knowledge that the true cause of such product-related incidents is the conscious choice of manufacturers to violate safety rules. Way too many manufacturers view human tragedy as a "cost of doing business."

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed by a dangerous or defective product, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced Boston product liability lawyer right away. Evidence should be gathered as soon as possible after the accident, including photographs, measurements, and other documentation, as well as the product itself, which will need to be preserved throughout the legal proceedings.

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