Memory Loss after a Brain Injury

One common symptom or effect of a brain injury is memory loss or impaired memory retention. Memory and the brain’s ability to draw those memories is much more complicated than many people think. Often times, memory is described in simple terms such as “good” or “bad,” but really there is much more to the functionality of the brain. If you or your loved one has suffered from a brain injury or memory loss after an accident, our Massachusetts brain injury lawyers explain more about your injuries and what you should know about memory loss.

What Is Happening to My Memory?

There are a couple of reasons why a brain injury will result in memory loss. Mostly, it is because the brain has been damaged in a way that hinders the transportation of information. The brain is a system of moving information and after an accident information can have difficulty getting to where it needs to go or being found when it needs to be recalled, resulting in memory problems.

When the brain is injured it can affect your cognitive abilities, which includes the ability to choose, understand, and retain information. Because of this, individuals who have suffered an injury resulting in memory loss often also demonstrate difficulty with:

  • Concentrating or paying attention
  • Understanding information given to them
  • Communicating with others
  • Organizing and planning
  • Decision-making or problem-solving
  • Controlling desires and impulses
  • Language and speech

Because many of these cognitive functions are closely related or can be considered “building blocks” of others, it is very possible to demonstrate multiple symptoms for one injury. These symptoms can also be an indication of whether or not they were caused by your injury.

For example, verbal information, such as language, is stored in the left hemisphere of the brain and visual information, such as remembering faces and places, is stored in the right hemisphere. If you were struck on the left side of the head in a car accident and then began to demonstrate difficulty retaining verbal memories or remembering things you had heard or read, an injury firm could directly link your injury to your memory loss in a law suit.

Types of Memory Loss

There are three main types of memory and memory loss:

  • Immediate Memory – Even without a brain injury, immediate memory can only be retained for a very short time. It is the ability to remember information that has been collected within a few minutes, such as repeating a phone number after it was said aloud.
  • Short-Term Memory – This is the most common form of memory loss for brain injury victims. It impacts the ability to remember information after 30 minutes. You can have good immediate memory but impacted short-term memory.
  • Long-Term Memory – This is the ability to recall information days, weeks, or even years later. Individuals suffering from long-term memory loss usually describe the feeling of time flying by, since they are unable to recall those memories.

If a brain injury victim is diagnosed with amnesia it means that they have lost the memories they once had. There are two grades of amnesia: retrograde and anterior grade. Retrograde amnesia affects memories prior to an accident, while anterior amnesia affects memories after the accident. As the brain heals it is very common for those memories to slowly return.

Seek Legal Guidance for the Next Step

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